ICESA 2020

Second International Conference for Engineering

Sciences and Applications

Theme: Engineering Future to Ensure Sustainability

29-30 December / Hurghada - Egypt

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About Event

The conference aims to build a scientific platform for the development of engineering methods, techniques and tools, to promote multidisciplinary /interdisciplinary applications, and to encourage the face-to-face interaction and communication among engineering scientists and researchers.

The conference theme is “Engineering Future to Ensure Sustainability”, which is consistent with the sustainable development strategy-Egypt 2030.

The conference covers all engineering specialties in four main tracks. These tracks include: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Physics and Mathematics. About twenty-five topics are subdivided from these main tracks, which cover the most recent trends in engineering.

The conference congregates are expected to be over 100 delegates from Egypt and other countries who will surely benefit from discussing, monitoring, and following the latest development in the engineering fields.

Sessions will be available for oral presentations and poster contributions.

Important Dates and Notes

● First call: February 1, 2020

● Abstract Submission (Deadline): April 1, 2020

● Abstract Acceptance: May 1, 2020

● Full Paper Submission (Deadline): August 1, 2020

● Full Paper Acceptance: October 1, 2020

● Final Paper Submission: November 1, 2020

All accepted papers will be published in the “The Egyptian International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Technology”, ISSN: 1687-1006.

This Event is Organized by Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt


Mechanical Engineering

⦾ Bio-Engineering. MEMS, and Microfluidics Applications.

⦾ Fluid Dynamics. Thermal Applications, and Turbomachinery.

⦾ Renewable Energy Systems and Optimization.

⦾ Systems Dynamics. Control. Vibration, and Fault Diagnosis.

⦾ Manufacturing Technology and Robotics.

⦾ Management. Quality Assurance. Safety Considerations of Production and Projects.

Civil & Architecture Engineering

⦾ Civil, Structural. Earthquake, and Coastal Engineering.

⦾ Construction Engineering and Management.

⦾ Geodetic Surveying and Remote Sensing.

⦾ Sustainable Transportation Systems.

⦾ Geological and Geotechnical Engineering.

⦾ Water Treatment and Recycling, and Environmental Control Issues.

⦾ Applications of Composite and Nano Materials.

⦾ Sustainable Architectural Design and Planning.

⦾ Building integrated Renewable energy. Urban Regeneration.

Electrical Engineering

⦾ Performance Enhancements of Electrical Power systems. and Machines and Drives.

⦾ Renewable Energies. Smart Grids and Hybrid Energy Systems.

⦾ Protection of Power System Networks.

⦾ Circuits. Microwave and Antenna.

⦾ Internet of Things (1OT).

⦾ Artificial Intelligence. Image and Video Processing.

⦾ Computer Networks and Security.

Engineering Mathematics and Physics

⦾ Engineering Mathematics and Physics

⦾ Statistical Mathematics

⦾ Plasma Physics

⦾ Computational Mathematics

⦾ Modelling and Simulation

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